Our Team

Our Team
The Newbies to the Nerds
Mentor for the last 10 years in higher education. I live in the entertainment capital of the world Las Vegas, Nevada. I have worked in Tech for 3 years building out startups. Worked in Higher Education for 10 + years. I've recently merged the two fields and currently work in EdTech part-time recruiting amazing candidates for STEM jobs. In addition, I'm a full-time coordinator flexing my database management and people skills. My goal is to become a diversity and inclusion specialist and consultant.
User Research manager (Intern)
I am currently a student attending Azusa Pacific University for both my business marketing major and computer science minor. I’ve been at Azusa for almost 3 full years now and have always wanted to pursue higher education, but am relatively new to the “tech world”. Combining my knowledge and passion for market analysis and consumer behavior, as well as technical coding among other topics in computer science my goal is to one day be a user experience/ UX researcher for a tech company.
Seeking Intern (email)
Social Media Manager (Intern)
Seeking business marketing major to work remotely with our team. You will be managing all if not most of our social media platforms practicing your skills in digital marketing, branding, and analytics. Must have technology background, intercultural competence, as well as the ability to perform market research. Your passions show include community building, community engagement, startups, analytics, research, and AdTech.
Product Manger (Intern)
Current student at the University of California, Irvine studying Sociology & Digital Information Systems. With a strong appreciation for design, I enjoy studying design principles from different fields and applying them to my own projects. I hope to forever use my aesthetic awareness and attention to detail to enhance any projects and collaborative environments I am a part of.
Brand Photographer
Jermaine Edgar is an empathetic problem-solver devoted to better serving his community by being on the frontlines of progress. Passionate about expansion and solutions, Jermaine works to secure prosperity for future generations. As the Project Manager and Social-Entrepreneur Coach, Jermaine positions his clients to thrive and live a life of purpose and peace. Best assisting others, he focuses on brand photography, business development, and personal expansion.
Programming guru
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