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Tech-industry diversity is improving, but it’s still pretty terrible. Women, Black, and Latinx representation is particularly poor. We want to assist underpresented groups in acquiring knew skills in tech.

Career Development

Ability to develop professionals by providing digital resources, events, mentorship, coaching to help them land and retain jobs.

Non Technical Professionals

This group of professionals typically work in operations which gets overlooked by the general public. We high light these roles for people with transferable skills from other industries.

College Students

Students who are looking for internships, contract work, or need guidance on networking inside and outside of their university.

Entry Level Jobs

Normally designed or designated for recent graduates but in tech they can be for anyone with little to no experience, of a given discipline, and typically does not require prior experience in the field or profession.


Social branding on business platforms like Linkedin or job boards like Indeed. It can also include your own personal website. We direct you on how to market yourself to companies.

Steps in Our Process

Our format on creating successful candidates.
  • 1. Attend Webinar

    Information sessions that provide newbies with general informatinon about our platform and it's resources.

  • 2. Read Blog

    Curated articles that are easy to read with loads of information you may or may not know about tech.

  • 3. Get E-Books/Coaching

    E-books can be purchased as a self-paced mentoring guide to Tech. Or you can purchase a coaching session to help walk you through your process.

  • 4. Network

    We provided private groups and events to help you network with other Newbies, Nerds, and Geniuses.

    Blog Posts

    Articles, interviews, testimonies, and other free resources to help raise social capital in Tech.

    Meet The Team

    Our process in creating social capital.
    Career Coaches

    We're looking for HR Professionals with exprience in full cycle recruiting and mentoring entry level candidates. APPLY VIA EMAIL.

    Sonja Sky
    Founder/Talent Sourcer

    An operations and administrative professional with over 10 years of exprience. Tech skill: Database management.


    We are looking for interns with knowledge of Human Resources, Marketing, Computer Science to join our team.APPLY VIA EMAIL.

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