How to get a Tech Mentor or Tech Coach FOR FREE!

How do you get a Tech mentor or Coach when you don't have any money to spare?
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Why pay for a Tech mentor or coach?

We have been getting this question a lot lately and we wanted to take the time to explain why you should pay for Tech mentor or coach.
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TAP INTO TECH: Apprenticeships 2022

Don't have a degree? Less than one year of work experience in a specific field? But you really want to tap into tech? You can! We want you to kno…
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TAP INTO TECH: Best Staffing Agencies

We're back with a list of the best Talent Staffing Agencies that help you on our journey into tech.
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TAP INTO TECH: Sourcing & Recruiting

So you're ready to get into Tech and thinking about being in the department of Talent Acquisition or Human Resources. If so then this is a quick …
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NEWBIE FEATURE: Emmanuela Onu / Cloud DevSecOps Engineer

WHO: Emmanuela Onu
WHERE: Louisiana
WHAT: Cloud DevSecOps Engineer
SALARY EST.: It's 6-figures
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WHO: Marie Valdovinos
WHERE: Liberty Hill ,TX
WHAT: Grader - Full Stack Web Development/ Centralized Support
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How to Vet Tech Coaches and Mentors

We get it, it’s hard to figure out who’s telling the truth and who’s trying to scam you out of your life savings. Recently our founder was in a Faceb…
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Newbie Feature: Ashley Long / Business Systems Analyst

WHO: Ashley Long
WHERE: Houston, TX
WHAT:Business Systems Analyst 2
SALARY EST.: I make $80,000 a year. My first tech job I was making $50,000
She consid…
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Mentor Feature: Ebony Washington / Senior Manager, Cloud Solution Architect

WHO: Ebony Washington
WHERE: San Diego, CA
WHAT: Senior Manager, Scrum Master
She considers herself a Blerd and Techie working at Deloitte.
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Newbie Feature: Joy Ray / Application Engineer

WHO: Joy Ray
WHERE:Atlanta, GA
WHAT:Application Engineer
She considers herself a Techie and Geek
SALARY EST.:$71,000/$91,000 (old salary/new salary)
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