Freebie: Virtual Networking Tracker

Saturday, August 8, 2020


Hello Newbies, Techies, and Nerds!

We hope you are well during COVID times. We hope you are also taking the time to a virtual network with all the amazing techies out there.

In response to recently attending Tech is Still Hiring virtual event by AfroTech/Blavity, we decide to provide you with a networking tracker to help you stay in touch with recruiters/hiring managers/person in your field.

* We attend events so you don't have too. We drop gems on this platform to give you insider knowledge without paying the fee*


Upon leaving an event and utilizing the tracker be sure to take the time to visit the recruiter's company website.

Most likely they gave you a form to fill out to submit yourself to the database but you must go beyond the form and into learning about the company.

  • Recruiters love it when a candidate shows initiative and is proactive in their job search. 

Also, you don't want to send them an email or connection request too soon if you are looking for work.

  • Why? Because your interview starts way before you reach out to the company's hiring team.

You first want to make sure your values align with the company. Do even want to work there? Do they pay a livable wage? Is the company too far and doesn't offer remote opportunities? Is it diverse? There so many questions you will want to be answered that can be answered by setting aside some time to do your research.

Let's get into these Tips

Visit the "About" or "Press" section of the companies website

- This page will tell your history of the company, what problem it solves, and where it would like to go

Then visit the "culture" page or the "how we hire" section

-This page should give you some insight into the people that work there. It might also include their perks and benefits.

-If it's a start-up they might not have much in this department so feel free to circle back to it when you speak with a recruiter.

If it's a large company I suggest checking out their social media pages. 

- Look for videos if you are a visual person. I would also look at hashtags like (#lifeat_____company). You can see first hand what professionals there are doing. It's a great way to connect with them if you feel your social media account is professional enough.

If you've decided you have a good gist of the company and its culture then go ahead and check out their career page and apply

- Some tips, apply for jobs that match your experience if you are an entry-level professional. Don't overshoot your shot because disappointment is not the goal here. You can acquire the skills you need to move up once you are full in the door. Get there first and we can discuss the rest later.

- If you don't have the experience figure out a way you could get the experience. Ex. find someone on Linkedin who has the position you want. Save their profile and start working toward getting those skills. Add people in that position to your LinkedIn because sometimes they drop gems on their timeline.

Lastly, reach out to the recruiter and come with some solid research you have done and questions. If you applied to a position be sure to include the ID Number of the job listing, the Title of the Position, and the date you applied to the job. We also like links so you can submit that if you have one.

That's it, those are all the tips we have for virtually networking with recruiters and hiring managers in tech. If you'd like more information check out the E-Book "Applying in Tech" available in our Etsy Shop. In the guide, we include a template of how to slide in the DM (direct message) of recruiters and we also provide you with a Jobtracker. [GRAB THE GUIDE]

You can obtain the Virtual Networking Tracker [here]

Make a copy of the google sheet: 

Then you can edit it.


Read the directions. 

- Come up with a Linkedin Message to include when you connect with a recruiter.

- Come up with a Chat Box message when you are at a virtual event. Should include a link to your website or LinkedIn profile. 

This will make it easier for you to listen to the event inside of re-typing your pitch every time.

Happy Networking!